HydroVac Excavation
What is HydroVac Excavation?
Process of using high pressure streams of water or air to break up ground and excavate while simultaneously using a high air flow vacuum which sucks up the soil, debris, dirt, rock, etc.
Other common names: Daylighting, Potholing, Vacuum Excavation
Where to use HydroVac Excavation?
In hard to reach areas where heavy equipment can’t gain access.  Areas where there are no-dig zones, industrial cleanup, slot trenching, pot-holing, and location of underground utilities, cables, gas lines, etc.
Why use HydroVac Excavation?
First and foremost safety!!!  Using hydrovac excavation assures you no damage to underground infrastructure, facilities, and personnel.  This process is safer, faster, non-destructive and “more-telling” than any other method of excavation or locating.




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